Woolpaca: the new yarn in Alpaca and Wool

A new yarn in Alpaca and Wool has been added to the range of Bettaknit high-quality yarns: it is Woolpaca

The search for new yarns has always been one of our first goals. Our intent is to offer something new, of excellent quality, soft and light, with a lively color range and a contemporary style!

Alpaca and Wool together. Here’s how Woolpaca is born!

Woolpaca is a natural yarn that does not contain synthetic fibers. It is composed of 50% of Baby Alpaca and 50% of Wool.

As we all know, Alpaca wool is very valuable. It is classified as a luxury fiber. Like silk, it is naturally shiny, does not contain lanolin, which is why it is hypoallergenic and very suitable for baby clothes. The sensation to the skin is the same as cashmere, but more durable and resistant!

Baby Alpaca wool is even more fine!

The definition Baby Alpaca does not identify the hair of the puppy, as one might think, but the particular finesse. Baby alpaca fiber is made from the youngest alpacas and from the areas of the adult coat where the hairs are thinner. The finer the fiber, the better the wool!

In Woolpaca, the Baby Alpaca has been joined to the Wool to make it more accessible: the fiber cost of Alpaca is always higher due to the scarcity of the flocks, living in freedom, in the Andean highlands.

gomitoli di woolpaca

Woolpaca is made in Italy!

Italy still remains a guarantee of quality. It is the largest manufacturing country in Europe for the textile-fashion sector: many of the most famous brands in the world are Italian or were founded in Italy, and the most advanced yarn companies are Italian as well.
Therefore it couldn’t have been born than here a so beautiful and quality new yarn!

Some more technical information on Woolpaca, the yarn in alpaca and wool

Woolpaca, Bettaknit yarn in alpaca and wool, is a single ply yarn.

It is available in 13 colors, and it’s packed in balls of 50 grams per 100 meters / 109 yd.

It is advisable to knit it with knitting needles from 4 mm to 6 mm (if you need them, you can find them here!), depending on the tension, or on the project.
But it is also particularly suitable for crochet, with a hook size ranging from 5 mm to 6 mm (have you tried our crochet hooks in maple wood? You can find them here!).

cosa lavorare con woolpaca

What can I make with Woolpaca?

Being a single ply yarn in alpaca and wool, Woolpaca is easy to knit and crochet with. It has an excellent definition of the stitches and is also suitable for beginners. It is the perfect yarn to knit sweaters and cardigans with a light but very warm look.
So delicate to the skin, it is ideal for children’s garments and for hats and accessories, such as neck-warmers, scarves.

Woolpaca: 100% natural, 100% bio, 100% italian

Friends of Bettaknit, have you already fallen in love with this wonderful yarn, right? Touch to believe!

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