What is Pima Cotton?

Not all types of cotton are equal. Like for coffee, or fine wines there are also different types of cotton that can have significant differences in quality.

It’s considered the “cotton of the gods”: the ancient Peruvians believed that cotton flakes were nothing but fragments of cloud fallen to earth to clothe the Incas people, a kind of gift from their gods!

The Pima Cotton is the finest cotton in the world and is renowned for its extraordinary softness, a delicate lustre, resistance to wear and pilling.

Just touch it and you’ll love it!

What are the characteristics of the Pima Cotton?

Pima Cotton‘s secret is its origin and harvesting. It grows strong and happy on the northern coast of Peru until skilled hands do not collect it. The secret is all here.

The details are what make things of quality. The collection by hand does not tear the fibers such as industrial harvesting. Perhaps it may seem anything but … that’s what makes this great yarn:

  • Fibers are longer and this lends softness
  • Industrial harvesting tears cotton fibers giving them a yellowed hue. The raw Pima Cotton is rather white and colors are brighter
  • Due to the length of the fibers, the yarn does not fray and resists to wearing and pilling

With these features it makes it easy to work with!

What can I knit with Pima Cotton?

Pima Cotton is easy to knit with, it is suitable to all projects that come to mind and we want to knit in the Spring / Summer season… but it is also perfect in the winter months, for those all year-worn garments!

Soft and elegant, the Pima Cotton is great for sweaters, t-shirts and accessories, and thanks to its delicacy with sensitive skin it is ideal to dress the little ones.

It’s a very high quality cotton and it’s not a coincidence that is used by leading luxury brands of international fashion!

Some more technical info?

  • Knitting Needles size? We recommend using the tools of 4-5 mm/6-8 US
    Weight and yardage of one ball? It comes in 100 grams yarn ball per 212 meters/232 yd
    Composition? 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton

How to wash Pima Cotton?

To keep your Pima Cotton clothes in good condition care and washing are both certainly fundamental.

It is always advisable to hand wash your finished garment in cold water and mild soap. Do not ever rub the garment, always wash it inside out, rinse thoroughly.

Afterwards, do not wring, but wrap it in a towel so that excess water is absorbed by the latter. Finally lay the garment horizontally, far from direct heat sources, such as sunlight.

In this way we will be sure that the Pima Cotton will keep its original characteristics of softness and shine, and look the same on the first day.

The Pima Cotton BettaKnit is a natural cotton and requires a “natural” care!

Where can I find Pima Cotton?

The store of BettaKnit has a wide variety of colors and knitting kit for you to choose. You may want to drop by and take your time.

Careful though, we put you on guard, watching the brilliant colors of Pima Cotton is addictive … we accept no responsibility for rash gestures such as:

hugs to computer screens
uncontrolled kisses to smartphones
love at first sight for tablet

If you would like more information on this or other yarns, please contact us we will be happy to help you!