The ecological yarn from recycled jeans: Love my Jeans

Love my Jeans is a recycled ecological yarn. It is obtained from the recovery of old jeans, reused through a recycling process carried out in Prato, the heart of the most important textile district in Europe.

There is nothing more natural than referring to the past to create the future. Fashion does it every day: reinventing a style and offers a trend. So why not do it directly, starting from the raw material?

What is Love my Jeans?

Love my Jeans, our best-selling recycled ecological yarn, is produced through a mechanical process developed a couple of centuries ago in the textile district of Prato, one of the most important textile districts in the world for history, competence, and innovation capacity!

Prato and its textile industry have based their development precisely on the reuse of waste materials: more than a hundred years ago the artisans of Prato – the so-called “Cenciaioli” – invented the method of regenerating old woolen garments (or industrial waste ) to give new life to yarns intended for knitting or weaving.

In the 1950s, there was a real boom in recycling, when used garments arrived, especially from the United States. Some of them were checked, washed, and resold as vintage, and the rest was recycled.

Love my Jeans, the recycled ecological yarn

How is a ball of Love my Jeans born?

Old and worn vintage jeans are cut into pieces, removing only buttons and zippers. The pieces are then torn up and reduced to fibers.

The rags are destroyed in special machines, torn up, and reduced to fibers. These fibers are routed back into the production cycle, and then again transformed into yarn. And here that the second life of the jeans begins!

The magic happens when dyeing. The yarn is not dyed twice, the fibers retain the shades they originally had.

How do special colors are obtained?

Special colors are obtained by mixing about 80% of recycled denim and a maximum of 20% of recycled cotton fibers. The color “melange” typical of used, washed-out jeans, reveals the variety of the original material and the absolute naturalness of the colors.

This technique eliminates the problem of disposing of the old denim garments and incredibly reduces the environmental impact.

It’s 100% Ecological and nature-friendly

It is a 100% recycled ecological yarn, with almost no environmental impact. The jeans are not disposed of in landfills but reused in the production cycle. The fibers are not dyed, as they keep their original color, so no new chemical colors are used!

Love my Jeans is a friend of nature, just consider that to dye 1 kg of yarn takes 100 liters of water and 9 kw of electricity. Love my Jeans reduces waste!

The recycling process gives an always-different “melange” effect to the ball, able to turn it into a unique piece. Watching them is an experience. Touch it and work a pleasure!


If you love nature and have a passion for recycling, if you are looking for a recycled ecological yarn, if you like different yarns that have a history, we are sure that you will fall in love with Love my Jeans.

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