Recycled Cashmere: luxury goes green with RE-Cashmere

RE-Cashmere: luxury becomes accessible and green, with the new recycled cashmere yarn.

Re_cashmere rigenerato

It is with pleasure that we are introducing a new yarn: RE-Cashmere, recycled cashmere yarn!

Thanks to the new collaboration Rifò x Bettaknit we add a new friend to BK’s sustainable yarns family.

Re-Cashmere is very soft, it’s made in Italy, and it is made from 95% recycled cashmere + 5% virgin wool, in 5 classic shade colors.

In fact, not all colors are possible: it depends on the color of the cashmere garments that will be recycled!

How is Re-Cashmere produced?

RE-Cashmere, the recycled cashmere yarn is produced through a mechanical process developed a couple of centuries ago in the textile district of Prato (Italy), which is the most important textile district in Europe and one of the most important in the world for history, competence and innovative capacity!

Prato and its textile industry have based their development precisely on the reuse of waste materials, since its birth in the early 1900s. More than a hundred years ago, the artisans of Prato – the so-called “Cenciaioli” – invented the method of regeneration of old woolen garments (or industrial waste) to give new life to yarns for knitting or weaving.

“Cenciaiolo” at work, in the selection of materials and colors

The old knits and waste from the productions are selected by color and then reduced to the fiber state through a carding process.

Rags selected by color and torn to be spun again

This is a magical moment, a virtuous textile tradition that is renewed every day, where piles of color form the backdrop to a fascinating scenario. From the ashes of an old sweater, life is reborn!

As our friends from Rifò tell us, this process does not require further coloring of the fiber: it is a virtuous and sustainable process!

Re-Cashmere is a sustainable yarn

RE-Cashmere is a precious yarn, not only because it contains cashmere, one of the noblest animal fibers that nature gives us, but because it is a green, sustainable yarn!

With RE-Cashmere we support our planet. How?

  1. We recover waste material
  2. We do not use dyes
  3. We save thousands of liters of water (which are instead necessary for the normal production process and for dying)
  4. We help our planet!

What are the characteristics of this sustainable yarn?

RE-Cashmere is made from 95% recycled cashmere and 5% mulesing-free virgin wool.

It looks like a classic yarn, with 5 plies twisted together, with a traditional look. It is packaged in balls of 25 gr by 70 meters and is available in 5 classic colors.

RE-Cashmere is very suitable for both knitting and crocheting. Moreover, it works well both with well-defined and for openwork stitches.

We recommend knitting with a needle size from 3 mm to 5 mm (if need them, you can find them here!), depending on the tension, or project.

If you don’t like knitting, no problem! This yarn is also very suitable for crochet. You can use a size ranging from 3 mm to 4 mm (haven’t you tried our Maplewood crochet hooks yet? Find them here!).

What can we knit with RE-Cashmere?

RE-Cashmere is suitable for everything. Many projects can be made, even for the little ones, since it is such a delicate yarn.

We thought it was perfect for two essential accessories in every wardrobe!

We have created 2 knitting kits to wear all winter, two must-have garments that you cannot do without:

  • Frank Beanie, an easy level knit kit to make an urban and hipster-style, unisex beanie.

  • Maris Rollneck, a knit kit, easy level, to create an under jacket, the trendiest accessory of the season.

It’s your chance: treat yourself to a recycled cashmere garment and help us make fashion more sustainable!

If you still have any doubts, or in case you need more info about this yarn, we will be very happy to answer! Contact us via our social networks (FacebookInstagram) or by writing to!