Tutti Frutti “Expo” capsule collection

The name of this capsule collection is Tutti Frutti. The theme is Expo 2015 and it’s made in collaboration with Gaia Segattini (aka Vendetta Uncinetta). After Nodo, another exciting collaboration that is daughter of our Fuori Expo partecipation in Milan.


What is Tutti Frutti?

“Tutti Frutti” is a re-fashioning project realised in a co-branding between Bettaknit and Vendetta Uncinetta. The recipe is simple. Start with a base of original spanish Espadrillas: cotton, juta and natural rubber sole. An artisan quality product, a recall to summer and to the never forgot 80’s.


Choose an important theme like the Expo Milan one. Add the secret ingredient, Gaia Segattini. Flavor all with bright colors of the high quality and sustainable yarn like Pima Cotton. The result are espadrillas with small crochet fruits: unique pieces totally handmaded. A joy of pineapples, watermelons and bananas!

But this is only the beginning: Tutti Frutti is the preview of a larger project on re-fashion for kids that will come out next autumn. Soon all the news about it!

Why a collaboration with Gaia Segattini (Vendetta Uncinetta)?


photo by Gaia Segattini

We met Gaia some years ago. For us, it was love at first sight. We share the same philosophy. We love unique fashion, not mass-produced. We love the irony, lightness in dealing with things. We think that “you can do so much with little”.  We strongly believe that the DIY is an anti-stress low-cost and extremely suitable for everyone. Vendetta Uncinetta was the ideal partner for Tutti Frutti!

Which are the collection sizes and variations?


Tutti frutti espadrillas

The Espadrillas are available in the following sizes: 37 – 38 – 39 – 40 (European size)

The different colors and variations are:

  • Pineapples with espadrillas black or red – look here
  • Bananas with espadrillas blue – look here
  • Watermelons with espadrillas ecru – look here

At the moment, you can find them on our site www.bettaknit.com, soon they will be worn by all fashionistas!

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