It is called “The Queen Collection” the capsule collection designed by Ladylike knit design for Bettaknit.

How was the “The Queen Collection” project born?

The collaboration with Ladylike knit design is already under way for some time and on several fronts! Indeed, we have already worked together on other projects and organizes knitting and crochet workshops with BK knit kits and yarns.

It’s a designer we love for her effervescent creativity and his technical expertise… then which person could be more fitting to reinterpret the classic set sweater, scarf and hat if do not her? Elaborate technique for knitters pro, but refined taste, as a queen, and superlative yarn: the blown yarn “Blow Yarn” in Alpaca (try it!).


Who is behind “Ladylike knit design”?

A volcanic and unpredictable creative designer, Laura Baresi, skilled in all the textile art, from knitting to crochet, from macramé to weaving… and anything else that has to do with the yarns!!


So here’s our mini interview to know her better:

What is the greatest source of inspiration for your work?? 

The inspiration comes from everyday life, from a journey, from the people I meet, from my dear ones, from a movie I saw, from a concert I listened to. Everything stands there in my head, then suddenly it all makes sense, it puts in order by itself and from there I start to work on it.

I try to be witty, ironic, funny and cheerful both in the styles and in the comunication. I like that each product has a link to something else: in the decoration, in the image caption or in the item name. Like when you read a book or watch a movie and find in it a lot of ideas to continue the search in other areas.

What is knitting and crochet for you?

If I said that for me it’s just relaxing and quiet, I would lie. For me, knitting is not a hobby for me is work. A job that I love and that gives me great satisfaction, a job that makes me meet many people, a job that often does not make me sleep. It’s a job that allows me to express, a job to which I devote all my time, so much energy, difficulties and anxieties but also gratification and joy. I can say that it is one of the few things that makes me feel complete.

We know that you also works with the children: do you prefer teaching knitting to children or adults?

I began teaching knitting just to children and to adults only later.

With children I started a project called ‘La Merenda Tricot’. It’s a class of knitting where children can learn these techniques through games and having snacks together. I like to match knitting to the food, I do it with adults as well: I think sharing a meal or snack with someone makes us get better in tune.

With adults I am certainly more strict, very bad indeed (my girls are afraid of me, they are terrified that I destroy the work before the eyes) but there a lot of fun: we tell ourselves a lot of stupid things, we laugh and we always end up after hours programmed, I can never go home on time! With many of them I established a friendship that goes beyond knitting.

With children it is challenging beacuse they have true imagination. In adults I like the idea of helping them in their projects, all different, from the simplest to the most advanced; I find the best way for them to make it, get into their head, understand what they want, translate it into a language they can understand, help in the creation and support them to the end.

 You like Running and Yoga: what have they in common with knitting?

Running is in my DNA , it helps me to clear my head, to think and often to relax the nerves!

Running, as well as Yoga are only sides of the same coin: they are practices that allow me to reflect, to connect the mind with the body and then to concentrate. Some call it “meditation”, for me is a set of considerations that lead me to mental processings. To some extent, knitting is certainly part of it…

Since I started practicing daily sports activities, I realized the strong influence it has on the progress of my day. So much so that I began also to organize small events / retreats that are based on these concepts: people participating in these meetings have the chance to experience in a weekend running/yoga/knitting, in company with others, sharing experiences and good food!

What is your favourite Bettaknit yarn?

Favourite yarn?  I’m crazy for Cool Wool.
Among the yarns in general, wool, cotton or whatsoever, I prefer those chuncky, roughly, that allow me to express myself better. Cool Wool among wool and Prato Cotton among cotton yarns are certainly my favourite yarns. Of BettaKnit I also love the color selection, I find it is always very attractive.

A tip for young aspiring knitters?

A tip for aspiring knitter or anyone who wants to approach knitting is to dedicate time and patience, especially at the beginning … Start with simple project and then finish it! This is important for the spirit and self-esteem. … He says that a 1000 work started !!!

Thanks Laura, working with you is always exciting!


Photo by: Aggie Morganti – Model: Giusy



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