Baby Alpaca accessories from Peru

True to our slogan “be kind”, we are really excited to join this great initiative in support of the Andean communities of women artisans in Peru. Helping to ensure them a fair income, we commisioned some products in baby alpaca to these wonderful knitters: hats, scarves, gloves and neckwarmers.


You can find them sold individually on our store but they are also designed to be matched:

A hat and a neckwarmer perfect to be worn during cold winter days. Or:

Hat, gloves and scarf: together to protect you from freezing with a warm embrace.

High quality accessories in Baby Alpaca from Peru

These products are totally handknitted by expert hands. A craftsmanship conquered with tenacity. The history of these Peruvian knitters is beautiful and deserves to be told.


Once upon a time there was a community of 500 souls isolated in the Andes. Victims of guerrillas, without water and electricity, they didn’t have great prospects. But you never know. The women decided to earn with an activity in which they excel: knitting! Relying on the abundance of fine alpaca wool and on the ancient Andean tradition of working it, they improved their technique and tried to work to sell, focusing on the quality of materials and execution.

And here they are!

You don’t know how this makes us happy! Not only because these products tell a story of all feminine perseverance, but also because they are of the highest quality. These products are manufactured using 100% andean baby alpaca, one of the most fragile materials, able to give a pleasant feeling in contact with skin. 

Why should you buy them?

If you are following us, you know what are our main issues, what we believe in:

  1. Quality of the raw material 
  2. Respect for people and nature

These accessories fully reflect our philosophy.

Products designed in Italy and handknitted in Peru.

The quality is given by the mix of the Italian tradition in style with the high quality of Peruvian raw material and craftsmanship. 

Peru, with Bolivia, is one of the major producer of Alpaca wool in the world. Here, these cute animals crested punks and with long neck are particularly comfortable and produce a prized wool.

The fiber of alpaca is appreciated for its ability to keep warm while being lightweight and silky to the touch. It’s much warmer than sheep’s wool, more durable and soft. It’s not coincidence that the Inca emperors were dressing with this yarn from the head to toe! The fleece, wavy and frizzy, is suitable for use in spinning and weaving. Always.

peruvian alpacas

Nowadays, as you know, the alpaca fiber is used to create finest fabrics and it is sought from high fashion as spinners and weavers.

The products we introduce you are baby alpaca. A fiber obtained from the hair of little alpaca. Even more precious than the one from alpaca adult. it’s more fine and smooth.

Fair income for high quality

We think that work must be fairly rewarded and quality must be paid for its value. Purchasing our products you will be certain that our knitters have had a fair income for their job.

For us, the respect of the people behind every product is a mission. Trust us.

Where can I find the Peru Baby Alpaca accessories ?

If you want to try and touch the softness of these hats or wrap yourself in the warmth of the scarf or of other products of the “Baby Alpaca” collection , you can find them on our store. They are not, as usual, in the “diy” section because these products are imported from Peru ready to be worn!

So, you will appreciate the excellent craftsmanship of these artisans!

As always, if you have doubts or curiosity, we are ready to answer you through:

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