Ladylike Knitdesign for Bettaknit

Today we tell you what Bettaknit and the funny knitter Laura Baresi, aka Ladylike Knitdesign, have created together.


Laura, Ladylike, considers herself overactive, ambitious, sensitive and unpredictable. She also told us about her irrepressible creativity and how her love for knitting was born.

How was your passion for knitting born?

Ever since I can remember, I was raised surrounded by creativity and manual work. My grandmas were, one, a skilled decorator of ceramics and a tireless seamstress and the other one a talented knitter and a great cook. I think I can say I acquired lots of their skills except the one to cook something edible.

What inspires your creations?

I create for passion, with the desire to produce something special with my own hands trying to transform an abstract idea into something real. I’m inspired by my own experiences, everyday life, movies, fairytales, cartoons. What born out is used not only to create my items but also for the communication and image. I try to be witty, often ironic, funny and cheerful. I like the fact that each product has a link to something else that may be in the decoration, in the caption or in the name of the article. It’s like when reading a book or watching a movie, you find a lot of ideas that inspires you to search for more ideas.

What are your dreams and your next projects?

My dream is to knit around the world, be inspired by scents, colors, meet new people and then get back to my lab and continue to knit

What would you say to convince people to start knitting?

Lately you hear a lot about knitting and benefits that it entails. It helps to relax, improves concentration and it’s perfect for all ages. If it’s done in company it helps you socialize. I teach knitting and I realize how these facts are true. For me, it’s a source of great satisfaction: especially when you give birth to an idea.
When your need to create grows, you will notice that also your goals and aspirations will. It will become a craze and, at that point, some stretching between a knitting needle and other will become necessary.

Ladylike Knitdesign for Bettaknit

A super colorful and witty collaboration, just as Laura! Thanks to her ability in mixing the tradition of knitting with fashion trends, this capsule collection has come to life: the classic Martha’s Sweater with its embroidered little heart, the 4 ironic beanies and other great accessories that we will introduce you soon.

Ready to let you carry in this magical world?

Martha’s Sweater

Its’ a must in every wardrobe. 100% Lambswool, round neck, raglan sleeves, Martha’s Sweater is timeless and classic. The most romantic knitters can give it a glamour touch: a little red heart. 


Unicorn Beanie

We imagine us riding a pink unicorn on a rainbow, we just got carried away by the imagination and created this funny and eccentric beanie. Unicorn Beanie is perfect for those who love unconventional looks.


Love Me Tender

For the knitters with tender heart and for those who pretend to be a tough but actually they want to shout out “Love me tender”! Our beanie is perfect to send this message and shelter from the cold winter days.


Eat Me Alice

Do you remember about “Eat me” cookies of Alice in Wonderland? In that unreal world a cupcake has become an hat: it’s our Eat Me Alice. Sweet and soft, that makes you want to bite it. Or better, to wear it. And you can’t do without it anymore.


Strange Love

A bow and a heart: our Strange Love is a…strange hat! It’s unique, to give a special touch to your look. So warm, it will shelter your ears from the cold winter temperatures and it will do it with love.


Where can I buy them?

On our store! In Diy Kit, if you want to knit and have fun to create something with your hands or, if you can’t wait and you want to wear them immediately you can shop them in the Handmade version, made with love by Bettaknit team!

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