Bettaknit Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Let’s face it: sales are good for the heart. We do care about your health, that is why we have planned a long, great weekend for you. Get your knitting needles ready for two special days: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Don’t make plans: write these two dates, Friday 27th and Monday 30th, for deals.

We want to give you a Yin and Yang physical and mental balance. How? With many sales on Bettaknit products.


As you know, knitting is the new yoga and here’s how we imagine you levitate in the lotus position with a happy smile on your face. Multicoloured balls of yarn around you…hey! Your cat is attacking the chunky Cool Wool …

But what are Black Friday and Cyber Monday, besides being the well known sales events of the year?

What is Black Friday?

It was born in the USA and it marks the beginning of the Xsmas shopping. It always falls the Friday following Thanksgiving Day. It’s useful to know: you can dash on your favourite online shops after this American holiday.

We can already anticipate that, in 2016, Black Friday will be on Nov. 25th. You can do like us: open the 2016 calendar you have just bought, and mark Nov. 25th with a coded message as: “YABADABADOO!”.

It’s not clear why it’s called “black” but it is supposed to be due to the fact that millions of consumers rush to do shopping in those days.

What is Cyber Monday?

It is Black Friday’s little brother. It’s also part of the big family of “beautiful sales that give you peace of mind”. It was born in the USA and it falls the Monday after Black Friday .

It’s a second chance for those who couldn’t take advantage of the sales on Friday or those who are not able to buy anything they wanted and needed more time.

If you are wondering the reason of the term Cyber, actually it’s very simple: originally, Black Friday was thought for “brick and mortar” stores and Cyber Monday only for the online stores. Today this difference no longer exists.

Keep your fingers warm for Bettaknit Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Well, you have all you need: you know evertyhing on these two gorgeous sales days. We wait for you, tomorrow and Monday, with all of our offers.

So get ready:

  • Put a large cup on table, next to your computer;
  • Prepare yourself to uncork infusions for the special occasions;
  • Take the sash with Japanese idioms you usually wear during “shopping battles”;
  • Oil your mouse.

They will be two unforgettable days!

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