NEON Collection Knit Kits

Now more than a trend is a certainty: the FLUO colors are back among us stronger than ever… and they will infect us!

Signal colors, bold, vibrant: neon pink, reflective yellow, electric orange and then the green and acid blue in the various shades will give a new touch of modernity to our looks. Could we not be passionate about it? Naah‼‼

This is how the new NEON Knit Kit Collection was born with our super soft Alpaca Brush yarn: 3 new fluorescent colors, made for us by our Italian suppliers.

It is not easy to find high quality yarns in colors that are so bright and fluorescent: often they are synthetic fibers and as you know we don’t love them at all! 😖

We have done numerous tests, until we have realized, with our suppliers, an exclusive yarn, Alpaca Brush Neon (44% Alpaca – 44% Wool – 12% Polyamide – and here the Polyamide serves only for the yarn structure, we talked about it here!).

You can find it only at Bettaknit’s, you can find it here, in the Italian site par excellence of fine yarns, knitting and crochet kits.

But how do you wear these colors and these new fluorescent knit kits?

Don’t worry, we reveal some tricks to match them in the right way and make them chic even with the most classic looks!

  • If you are not the kind of person for flashy colors, then wear one fluorescent garment at a time.
sciarpe e maglia fluo
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  • If, on the other hand, you are as daring as the celebs, and love to follow the trend in a total look, then here you will find what you are looking for!
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  • If you don’t want to go wrong, mix your neon clothes with others in neutral colors, like jeans. Or choose only one accessory and you will be perfect and fashionable even with a super-simple look, like all black or all jeans.
on the left: Ren Snood e The Fluffy Hat – on the right: Sunny Sweather

But surely you can’t miss the absolute must-have garment of the season: the oversize neon sweater!

Friends of BettaKnit, for you who love unique pieces, special things, great quality … we are waiting for you in our online store to try the finest yarns and the most fashionable knitting and crochet kits!