Yarn biography: Funny Merino

Funny Merinos is a twisted yarn composed of 100% extrafine merino wool. No shrink, machine washable, it’s a classic thread that is made in Italy in the textile district of Prato, Tuscany, one of the most famous in the world.

What is merino wool? Not surprisingly, it comes from a specific breed of sheep: the merinos sheep. Looking on Flickr it was hard to limit ourselves to just three photos to illustrate this attractive animal (okay, adorable!). Merinos sheep are the most valued type for the production of wool.

One merino animal produces ten kilos of wool, all of it very valuable. This wool is particularly sought out for its fineness due to the fact that the merino lamb’s hair is finer than that of the common lamb – about 20 microns less. Thus items made from merino wool tend to resist better to use and folding.

How to work our merino yarn

This yarn from BettaKnit is characterized by particular softness, and by its brilliant and luminous colours. Just by touching it you get a sense of its properties, and once knitted it is a real pleasure to wear. Warm in that way that only pure wool can be, without leaving fuzz on you. The fact that it does not shed makes it perfect for many applications, especially use to make childrens’ hand-made knitwear.

Funny Merinos is shipped in balls of 50 grams, each with a linear length of 125 meters, and is available in a beautiful range of colours, like lime green and turquoise. These colours are important to the expression of BettaKnit’s personality in our patterns and knitting kits, and surely are just important to you when you choose to spend time making a piece for yourself or others.

We usually work Funny Merinos with 4mm knitting needles for a homogenous and unified effect. On larger needles, up to 6mm, you get a more relaxed effect with less defined stitches.

What to make with merino wool

We have made a lot of products with merino wool – as we mentioned, it’s good for childrens’ clothes, but also for anything close to your skin, like legwarmers, scarves, hats and… well anything!:

Greasehead: it is hard to find a balaclava these days, but in our helmet-wearing, protection conscious culture, this is THE item to wear under a ski, bike, or motorcycle helmet.

T-Sheep: is an adorable mini dress or maxi sweater for girls.



Skinnylegs: the perfect knit leg warmers that stay up or down, wherever you want them to be! A symbol of 80s culture, the merino wool makes them more practical and warm than the acrylic type you can buy at the store. Available in every colour under the rainbow!

Happyending: just sleeves. Soft and warm, for a fun look to add to a tshirt or vest.

Bubblering: the warm and versatile neckwarmer, for those times when a scarf would be too bulky.


Bubblering (man) + Happyending (woman)

Up&down: if you love sexy knit stockings, these are for you..

Lul├╣: is a handmade knit necklace. We used funny merino for this summer accessory.


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