We “Love my Jeans”!

At the beginning of each new season is always nice to discover the trends that affect the denim, the so loved fabric that for decades (for almost a century!) is a constant in fashion, both in the original blue color, and in various other forms more imaginative. The spring summer 2013 is already advanced, and we got to see how this timeless fabric, much loved and ductile, has been revisited by all brands.

The denim win over the street-style fashionistas, not only with models of jeans declined in countless variations, but also with tops, shirts, dresses and why not, with delicious jerseys!

So BettaKnit proposes a best seller among the yarns in its range: Love My Jeans, which we have already discussed extensively here. Love My Jeans is a special yarn obtained from recycled old jeans. Jeans that are cut into many small pieces and processed into fiber, and in turn in new yarn.

Love My Jeans┬áThe “melange” color, typical of used, washed out jeans, reveals the variety of the original material and the absolute naturalness of the colors. It is 100% recycled, 100% eco-friendly… Beause yes, we love fashion, but mainly we love nature! #lovefornature


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