SPARKLY: make your Xmas shine!

Sparkly is a yarn of exceptional quality and beauty.

It’s a mix of Super Kid Mohair and Silk combined with sequins to give a unique style to your knitting.

Soft, suitable for light knitting and elegant garments if knitted alone, but it can take a more casual appearance when combined with other yarns, such as our Organic yarn or our 100% merino wool of Alaska yarn.

What makes it so soft and precious? The high percentage of Mohair!

Mohair comes from an Arabic word meaning “choice”. It refers to the most valuable type of Angora goat, from whose hair you get this wonderful fibre.

The wool of young animals (Kid Mohair) is used for products of higher quality, and the finest workmanship. But the main feature that distinguishes it from the normal mohair is the high level of gloss and softness and a wonderful silky look.

For this reason it is often mixed with silk or other fibres less noble for a better final yield .

Sparkly is available in balls of 25 g (125 m / 136.7 yd) and can be worked with the knitting needles of 3.5 to 4 mm is knitted alone or with 7 – 8 mm or bigger if knitted with another yarn.

The colours offered are: Champagne , Gray , Blue and the beautiful Pearl.













Give yourself a gift and a touch of light to your garments, using high quality Made in Italy!