Recycled Jeans Yarn

Remember a while back we talked about our vintage buttons that come from a process of wool recycling that takes place in Prato? The story of how our Jeans yarn is made is rather similar. It’s a special recycled cotton yarn that is made from the fibre of old jeans through an environmentally-friendly manufacturing process right here in Prato, Tuscany’s center of the fabric industry.

Recycled Jeans cotton yarn

Old, ruined or way too out of style jeans arrive at a factory in Prato, Tuscany, where workers remove zippers and buttons and chop up the jeans into many little pieces. These are then mashed to become fibre that can be reintroduced into the productive cycle. The resulting yarn is perfectly recycled and has a beautiful, natural variegated colour.

The fibre is not re-dyed, resulting in a mix of dark and light jeans. This process has a light impact on the environment, since the dying process is a major energy consumer and pollutant.

There is nothing more natural than using the past to create the future. This happens in fashion all the time; styles are reinvented and recycled. Why not make something new out of old jeans?

How to use this yarn

We tested the jeans yarn with 4mm knitting needles (doubling or tripling the thread), or a number 3 crochet hook with double thread.
The single thread could be knitted or crocheted with a number 1 needle and would make great cotton socks or a really funky jeans doily!

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