Lambswool: the warm lamb’s wool

A new item on the store! Today we talk about wool. Not of any one, but of Lambswoolthe soft yarn produced from the first shearing of lamb. A wool coming from distant and pristine lands; great for fluffy sweaters; produced respecting nature and the animal from which it comes.

We’ll talk about it as we usually do. As we did with Pima Cotton, Prato Cotton, Love My Jeans, we’ll let you enter the “behind the scenes” of the yarn. We want to convey the “gleam” in the eyes that struck us when we saw it for the first time.

Well, we just have to start this trip.


What does Lambswool mean?

Lambswool is wool coming from young lambs. It is obtained from the first shearing that occurs when the small sheep is about seven months. For this it can be considered to all effects a Virgin Wool: in Lambswool are completely absent fibers coming from a process of regeneration of old garments or yarns.

The fiber that composes the yarn is very short. To be defined “Lambswool” must not exceed 50 mm in length. This means a soft, elastic and smooth yarn.

It is no coincidence if the lamb’s wool is used worldwide for the production of items of the highest quality!

A warm maternal hug

The lamb’s wool, for its characteristics, is also used for premature babies. Cots covered with this magic fleece have the ability to cradle children. Warmth, great breathability, extreme softness, provide the equivalent of the womb.

It is the toughest test, the one with a so fragile and yet so demanding client. This type of wool passes it always.

Now try to close your eyes and imagine yourself in a handmade sweater with lambswool. A gloomy day outside and holding a hot drink …

No to mulesing

Our suppliers certify that Lambswool yarn of BettaKnit has not been obtained using this barbaric practice. We do not want to go into detail. If you do not know what mulesing is and you desire to learn more, you can google it. We simply say that it is a violent technique designed to preserve the animal’s fleece.

Having this kind of certification is important for us. Our slogan, “Be Kind” is a philosophy that we apply to everything.

No fear when you knit with a ball of Lambswool: you are sure the yarn you’re using has been done in full respect of nature and animals it comes from!

What can I knit with Lambswool?

Lambswool can be used for any kind of projects. It’s a wool very suitable for very definite stitches. Moreover, both in high fashion that in the DIY, it is widely used for the creation of sweaters. Its lightness, softness and the ability to give a warm embrace, are suitable for garments that are in contact with the body.

Are you looking for ideas to knit? Do not worry, you can visit the “sweaters and vests” of our site and get ideas. Soon online new knitting kit!

How to wash Lambswool?

Apply the good behaviors used in other cases BettaKnit.  To keep your Lambswool clothes in good condition, care and washing are both certainly fundamental.

It is always advisable to hand wash your finished garment in warm or cold water and mild soap. Do not ever rub the garment, always wash it inside out, rinse thoroughly.

Afterwards, do not twist, but wrap it in a towel so that excess water is absorbed by the latter. Finally lay the garment horizontally, in the shade, far from direct heat sources, such as sunlight.

In this way we will be sure that the Lambswool will keep its original characteristics and look the same on the first day.

BettaKnit Lambswool is a natural wool and requires a “natural” care!

Some more technical info?

  • Knitting Needles size? We recommend using knitting needles of 4,5-5 mm / 7-8 US
  • Weight and yardage of one ball? It comes in 50 grams yarn ball per 115 meters/126 yd
  • Composition? 100% Extrafine Lambswool .

Where can be found Lambswool?

You can find Lambswool in our store in 6 different colours:

  • Sky Blue
  • Pink
  • Milk
  • Light Gray
  • Dark Blue
  • Red

Colori Lambswool

As already know, if you have any doubt about the product, or if you’re want to get more information on Lambswool or any other products of our webstore, do not hesitate to contact us:

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