Cuzco alpaca scarf – the best of Peru and Italy

Our Cuzco limited edition alpaca scarf is a hand knit special edition piece. We love this greyish blue colour that is kinda tough and city-like. We could only get a small amount of this alpaca yarn, imported from Peru – it’s in fact our own imported product, since everything else we sell is 100% italian. When we receive your order for this special scarf, our team of grandmas will be mobilized to knit it for you and ship it out within two weeks. They enjoy the opportunity to knit together in the traditional manner, and they also earn money which they donate to a mission in Tanzania. So, as our motto says, be kind to yourself (or a friend – this makes a lovely gift), be kind to our grandmas who knit for you, and be kind to those in the world who need help!

(note – the colour of the scarf is more muted than it appears in this photo)

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