Custom-made fashion… affordable luxury made in Italy

We’ve noticed that lately, many luxury brands are offering custom-made fashion as a way to compete against cheap ready-made clothing. You can have your initials added to a Gucci bag; Prada and Bottega Veneta also offer customized options, often accompanied by a very long wait. Well, everything here at BettaKnit is customized, hand-made, and Made in Italy. It’s fashion, but it’s not trendy… just good quality. And we make it in two weeks.

The pophat we made for Marzia (who posted it on her blog

As you know, BettaKnit encourages your creativity by offering easy to follow knitting kits, but all of our products can also be made to order. Never mind a little customization, we literally only make the thing if you order it. You tell us your size and colour choice, and we knit it for you. The label tells this story – we hand write your name on it, like the one in the photo we made for Marzia. It’s a little bit of BettaKnit, and a little bit of You. Just click ‘knitwear’ on our site to see the knit to order proposals.

BettaKnit is thus a great option if you want that great sweater but aren’t a good enough knitter yet, or if you need personalized gifts for baby showers, birthdays or any occasion. There is nothing warmer than a hand-knit hat that warms not only because it’s wool but because of the time and patience invested in its making.

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