New Entry: Cool Wool Dip Dyed

Cool Wool, 100% Peruvian Wool, has always been one of our best sellers.
We have already talked about its amazing features in this blog post:

1. It’s 100% Peruvian Wool;
2. It’s really warm and soft;
3. It’s a “super bulky” yarn, that’s why it’s easy to knit for all (beginner and experienced knitters);
4. It’s available in a lot of colours;
5. It’s…cool!

And now it is also available in DIP DYED version.
It’s a Bettaknit Worldwide Exclusive! Yes, you’ve got it right: you find Cool Wool Dip Dyed only on our store!


What does it mean Dip Dyed?

For dyeing yarn, there are various techniques. Often in industrial production, first the fiber is dyed and then it is spun.

Dip Dyed is a particular dyeing technique with a low environmental impact. It’s made by immersion and it prevents the colour from spreading uniformly, giving the yarn a fade effect. 
Furthermore Dip Dyed is a manual dyeing which gives uniqueness to the product.

What colours are available?

At the moment, Dip Dyed is available in 5 colours: from the faint mint to the strong wine. Which one is your favourite?
We chose these colours by considering your requests, but very soon the range will become wider: new shades will join us!


 Some more technical information?

Also Cool Wool Dip Dyed is packaged in 200 gr balls of yarn and it is 80 m/87 yd long. 
Given to the size of the yarn, we recommend to knit it with the needles of 10 mm (15 US) to have a more solid effect, or 12 mm (17 US) and 15 mm (19 US) for a softer result… and why not?! Knitting with two ply, you can use needles of 20 mm (35+ US) and it is perfect even for the Arm Knitting!

It is perfect for crochet as well!

If you need these size of knitting needles, you can find them here!

How to wash Cool Wool Dip Dyed?

Cool Wool is a fine yarn. The Dip Dyed version is even much finer. Therefore, if you want your products last, you must be careful in washing. But do not panic! The color fastness is the same as “plain color”!!

The washing instructions and recommendations are the same as those given for most of wool yarns:

Hand wash in warm water and mild soap;
• Don’t rub it;
• Don’t twist the garment, but wrap it in a towel to absorb the water in excess;
Lay horizontally away from direct sunlight.

By following these steps you will be sure to that your item will be as good as just knitted!

What can I knit and crochet with Dip Dyed?

Cool Wool Dip Dyed has the same features of the traditional Cool Wool. That’s why it is perfect for any project: sweaters, scarveshats. In this way, you will characterize your knits by a unique and faded touch.

A fantastic idea popped into your head? As always, if you want to ask us some questions about this yarn or other products, we will be very happy to answer you!
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