Fuck this Zoo T-shirts

Let’s introduce you “Fuck this Zoo”. Nine printed t-shirts for a Capsule Collection created in collaboration with Giulia Maglionico, whimsical Florentine artist.


If you follow us for a while, you should know: we go crazy for whimsical, fun people. We like to work with them. The result is always unexpected and interesting. It has been so with Pollaz, Vendetta Uncinetta and Nodo.

How was Fuck this Zoo born?

Before knowing Giulia Maglionico we knew his art.


The spark was a monkey with a cylinder which ironically tells our zoo of society to go to hell. We immediately met her and asked to use some prints we saw and by which we were struck.

Fuck this Zoo“, and its variation “Fuck this Farm” are the result, Nine different prints that immortalize just as many cute and colorful animals in human poses and expressions. A metaphor of all of us that we move in a society that is a zoo: impersonal, globalized and standardized.

“Fuck this Zoo” becomes a hymn to the revolt, to the rebellion from schemes. We liked it immediately.

So many animals to choose from. From the frightened owl, to the piggy with dirty paw. From the bat, confused now with clothespins, to muddy and resigned sheep.


Bright colors and a strong message: the simple mix behind these fresh, artistic t-shirts.

Who is Giulia Maglionico?

Artist Florentine by birth but Emilian for adoption, she looks back on collaborations and exhibitions throughout Italy. A personal style of graphics and comics is at the base of a great communicative power, able to convey important themes in a poetic form.

As she herself says, drawing, painting, experimenting, are a need that starts from within. To us this is exciting!

Where can Fuck this Zoo be found?

You can find the entire capsule collection on our website:

For the moment they are only addressed to a female audience, but who knows in the future …

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