Prato Cotton: recycled cotton

Prato Cotton is a recycled cotton yarn. A “nature-friendly” material that has always been one of Bettaknit’s Best Sellers.

It’s a yarn obtained from the recycle of waste derived from previous textile productions. A cotton that tells a story: the philosophy and history of an entire textile district, that of Prato.


Prato, “recycling” city

Prato, one of the most important italian city for textile art and clothing, enriched itself with reuse. After WW II it was the place where the used clothes were arriving from all over the world. As Curzio Malaparte tells in his book Maledetti toscani” , every “bale” was a world to explore that smelled of exotic and far places.  Mountains of jackets, pants, military uniform. It was the beginning of a new life. A recycling process that would bring clothes to be fiber, yarn and finally clothes again.

For more than half century the city of Prato based its economy on recycling and reuse.

Prato Cotton comes from this way of thinking. And from cotton waste.

infografica_recycled cotton

What are cotton waste and how is Prato Cotton recycled cotton born??

Prato Cotton comes from cotton waste. But what are cotton waste?

Natural fibers such as cotton, wool and viscose are fully recyclable. From this characteristic was born the idea to reuse the textile production wastes made with this fibers. That are the waste.

It is not enough to be a waste, in order to become a very good yarn. To have Prato Cotton yarn, only waste made from 100% cotton are used. It’s not possible to have an excellent product without an accurate waste selection.

What can I make with Prato Cotton?

Prato Cotton is a recycled cotton yarn that is good either to be knitted or crocheted. There are no limits to your creations! What the imagination can think of with Prato Cotton is possible.

Some more technical info?

  • Knitting Needles size? We recommend using knitting needles of 6-7 mm / 10 – 10 3/4 US
  • Weight and yardage of one ball? It comes in 100 grams yarn ball per 100 meters/110 yd
  • Composition? 100% Eco-friendly and recycled Cotton

How to wash Prato Cotton?

These instructions and recommendations apply to most of the yarns, and especially for your precious handmade items, even if they are made from cotton:

  • Hand-wash your finished garment in cold water and mild soap (you can use our Wool Care Kit even for cotton),
  • Do not ever rub the garment,
  • Rinse thoroughly, 
  • Do not wring, but wrap the garmend in a towel,
    Lay the garment horizontally, far from direct heat sources, such as sunlight.

In this way we will be sure that the Prato Cotton will keep its original characteristics and look the same on the first day.

Where can I find Prato Cotton?

The store of BettaKnit has a wide variety of kit for you to choose. From this season the range of colors of the Prato Cotton has also been enriched with 6 new shades, bringing the available colors to 26

6 balls of bettaknit recycled cotton

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