Samanta Fornino and Bettaknit Tour

If you are following us on Facebook you have probably seen our photos about the collaboration beetween Bettaknit and Samanta Fornino, the two crochet kitsRino, the Toad” and “Lina the Cow“, characters of Samanta’s book “Baby Uncinetto (at the moment available only in Italian). What we haven’t told you is that Samanta’s on a tour: Bologna, Parma and Milan! Now we are going to tell you more about this amazing experience.

Samanta Fornino, Bettaknit, crochet kits and “Baby uncinetto”. Are you ready?

“Hello? Hi Samanta! Sorry? A tour for Baby Uncinetto? Sure! When??”

We set the dates, the stops and then we prepared everything necessary to start. Here at Bettaknit’s headquarter, we were all happily skipping with our suitcases fully packed with crochet Kits of “Rino, the Toad” and  “Lina the Cow“, wearing a Samanta Fornino’s supporter headband. If you are looking for the right word for such an attitude, this is: aplomb. Yes, we are aware of being British! 😉

We were excited of being able to meet people who, like us, share the passion for yarns, knitting, handmade and crochet. We like the idea of feeling the impressions. Speak. Share.

Ready, steady, go!

First stop, December 30th in Bologna

The idea was to go to Bologna with the a Volkswagen Westfalia and “Bettaknit + Samanta Fornino Crochet Tour” written on it. You know, we grew up with the romantic and legendary idea of the Rock ‘n Roll tours.
If you are wondering if we actually…no, in the end, nothing like that. However, we haven’t abandoned the idea. Who knows, maybe in the future…

Bettaknit and Samanta Fornino tour Bologna

We finally arrive at “Il Filarino” which is a small and cosy space, full of beautiful yarns! Samanta Fornino and Lorenza, the owner of the shop, were waiting for us smiling. It took only a glance to understand that we were all madly in love with the world of yarns and handmade.
Waiting for our guest stars (yes, you, our audience) we set up our corner with the books and the crochet kit “toad” and “cow”.
Then, people began to appear asking if they were in the right place to meet Samanta and Bettaknit. Of course! How beautiful you all are in person!

Participants were so many. We got many interesting questions about Samanta’s book and the crochet kits. A great proof of affection. We couldn’t be happier.

Second stop, January 9th in Parma

Ten days later, it was the time of Parma. With the same emotion, excitement to meet new people, Samanta Fornino and her book “Baby Uncinetto” were waiting for us at Misterlino.
With our crochet kitsRino, the Toad” and “Lina, the Cow“. We went into the shop, we were hit by the magic scent of roasted coffee, colored yarns and books. Also this time, location was stunning! We immediately exchanged a friendly smile with Samantha.

Bettaknit and Samanta Fornino tour Parma

Also the Parma event was amazing and got a great participation. We were lucky enough to meet many of our online clients! Thanks to all of those who came and for the affection you showed to us.

The mini tour ends: January 16th off to Milan!

Saturday 16th. The mini-tour ended at Do Knit in Milan. During this day the excitement was mixed with a bit of melancholy. Don’t worry, nothing sentimental tearjerker, but only a sorrow: a beautiful project was about to end.

One moment.

Nothing ends! In April, we will start again!

Bettaknit and Fornino tour Milano

As soon as we arrived at Do Knit, the impact was immediately positive: many high quality yarns, really nice owners and the presence of that creative madness that we know well and we like so much. We set everything, the crochet kits and “Baby Uncinetto” copies on the table and then we were ready to start!

As it happened at the previous events, at 4 pm the first fans entered timidly the door asking if they were in the right place. Few moments later, more people would arrive little by little and suddenly the Do Knit location was packed. And again: the affection you showed us is a great pleasure. We felt part of a big group of friends with a common passion. This is giving, and will continue to give us, so much energy. So thanks to all of participants!

Samanta Fornino and Bettaknit tour: we will start again in April!

If you liked the story, if you are thinking: “What I shamed to have missed this!”. No worries, nothing is lost!

We have agreed with Samanta Fornino to continue this mini tour across Italy with “Baby Uncinetto” and our crochet kits The toad and The Cow.

While we organize the next tour we suggest you to buy the book and the crochet kits in our store and have fun! If you are interested in both you can shop them on our store at a special price!

We are still working on dates and places and will communicate them through our channels when ready. So, stay tuned on:

As always, if you have doubts, inquiries or you want to give us suggestions, you can write us trough our social channels, our chat or simply an email to

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