BettaKnit among the sponsors of Creativi in Rete

creativi-in-reteWith the beginning of September we came out officially by the holiday atmosphere. But do not fret! Today we talk about an event that we find stimulating and which we are personally involved as sponsor: It is Creativi in Rete, inserted into the big context of Manualmente Torino 2015.

If you have been following us for a while, you should know we do not launch into projects in which we do not believe. In this case three are the elements which made us choose:

  • Be within Manualmente: with more than 10 years of experience, it’s one of the most important fairs on the theme of “manual creativity”
  • Sapendo che uno degli organizzatori era il nostro amico blogger, Paola Tartaglino (aka We make a pair)
  • Last but not least, the presence among speakers of Gaia Segattini (aka Vendetta Uncinetta) for which we entertain an evident love and with which we created the Espadrillas “TuttiFrutti”, summer 2015 top seller.

What is “Creativi in Rete”?

If the world of creativity is in your best interest or if you want to do business with your creativity, Creativi in Rete is an excellent opportunity. Two days of meetings on how to improve your online presence and networking.


On 24th and 25th September in Turin at the Lingotto Fiere, web experts and creatives will tell their experiences, talking about themes useful to those who want to start working on the web:

  • Blogging
  • How to be found by Google
  • How to sell your creations
  • How to use Instagram
  • What are the fiscal issues?

This and much more. We invite you to browse through the full program of the two days on the official website of the organization.

Don’t you tell us anything at all on the program of “Creativi in Rete” ?

But yes something we tell you!

A full day on Sept. 24th about 10 segreti per i creativi sul web (10 secretes for creatives on the web). The start is scheduled at 10.00 and through the morning interventions will give a smattering on various professional tools for an online business.

In the afternoon, three workshops and information desks: succulent opportunity to clear his head directly with whoever does this job.


On Sept. 25th a new issue: Idee e testimonianze del fare rete (Ideas and testimonies of networking). The start time is the same as the day before: it begins at 10:00 and finishes at 13:00, when the event will end.


There will be not only the testimony of the most active entity in Italy but also a possibility of confrontation. New ideas and new hub may be around the corner…

How do I register at “Creativi in Rete”?

Signing up it is not hard. You just have to connect to the official website of Creativi in Rete and go to the section Info e Iscrizioni. There you can find useful links to sign up to the morning panel, to the workshops or the information desks.

Bettaknit, will I meet you at “Creativi in Rete”?

Unfortunately BettaKnit won’t manage to be there. But you can still meet us through our products. Indeed, we have thought about some surprises for those who will participate in the activities of Creativi in Rete…

Another reason to not miss a two-day event, full of interesting ideas for those who want to make of their creativity a job online!

Enjoy yourselves and if you like, in the comments below, write your experience!

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