Shuby Pocket and home collection coming soon!

Shuby Pocket pillow

BettaKnit celebrated her first birthday last January with a giveaway of this beautiful pillow called “Shuby Pocket”. It was a unique, out of collection item that Betta made for the occasion. Our fans on facebook loved it so much that we’re working on producing a kit so you can get one to make it for yourself. We’re thinking of making a summer version – maybe in ivory cotton? – since we’d rather cuddle up to something cool in the next few months.

Also in the workshop… the new BettaKnit Home Collection. We’re really excited for some of the other home-related objects we have in progress, including a lamp! yup, a knit lamp!

What knit objects do you have in your home? Is there something you’d like to see from BettaKnit?