“Rock Me” baby!

In this edition of Pitti music contaminates fashion, with the theme “Rock Me.” As in music, from a shimmering jukebox you choose the most beautiful song and you let yourself be carried away by emotions, the same thing happens in the fashion and yarns: you look for the best, most interesting, newest.

As every season, even the outfitting of the stands are equally eye-catching and it’s difficult not to remain fascinated. Mix of yarns and colors for new interpretations that bring good mood. Colors inspired by the flowers and fruits, vitaminic and energizing colors… just what we need in these days of gray wet weather!

Pitti Filati, has always been the most important international event in the field of knitting yarn, a real vantage point for new trends, as shown in Research Space, which aims to convey modern ideas to be realized in the world of and yarn and knitwear.

This season the Research Space explores the world of the game.

Play the title of the installation, an English word that has multiple meanings: to have fun, to participate, to act or to impersonate …… and all of these activities reflect the desire to express themselves through fashion that everyone has within himself.

After this immersion into the world of yarn and fashion, we have a great job to do, to reorganize ideas and restart with new collections and new projects … what?
Stay tuned!