Portraits of Knitters

We held our second KnitLounge at Le Murate in Florence last night. 30+ degree heat, the Thursday before a long weekend, an empty city… and yet 15 happy women and one happy man showed up to knit together. We were highly impressed. About half of these purchased the Lulu necklace kit, while of those who brought their own projects, a few continued the Provence pillow started at our last event.

When we arrived just before seven in the evening, the light was streaming into the room and I should have taken more photographs right away, but got caught up in talking to everyone (and made rather little progress on my knitting). Still, it was worth it, for I got to better know some of the young women who came to knit. Again an international crowd – thanks to the collaboration with The Florentine – I want to tell a few stories here. I hope I got everyone’s name right, please correct me if I am wrong!


Cinzia – a local Florentine if I am not mistaken – emailed us with some hesitance about her knitting skills, having never tried it before. Here she has already moved on to the crochet part of the lulu necklace – she proved very talented at knitting. We love beginners because with BettaKnit kits, knitting is fun and easy, so people like Cinzia feel rewarded and are likely to continue. If we convert just one person to knitting, we are happy.


Bec is from South Africa and spending an extended holiday in Florence. So brave to come alone to this event full of Italians. She concentrated very much on her knitting, which at the beginning was rather tight, but she picked up a good rythm. She then moved on to the crochet chain just to be sure she would be able to do both.


Enza has joined BK for the second time – she’s part of a knitting group that meets at a local cafe once a week, a real enthusiast who says that she knits wool even in the summer – anything to keep her hands busy. Here she is working on these heavy brown wool slippers.

Ana Sofia

Ana Sofia is part of the same knitting group as Enza. She’s making a knit necklace too, though not the one by BettaKnit. We hope she posts her results on the fan page as it is a very original design.


Rossella wins the prize for bringing the biggest bag of knitting, and knitting with the biggest needles! Her apartment is all white in order to show off the amazing furniture that she is knitting, crocheting, or sewing – with very zen effects. She also brought in Arturo (wearing green, on the right). She’s working on a big fucschia pouf that we like very, very much.

Sophie and Chiara make innovative use of window fittings

Chiara is an avid reader of The Florentine and attends all their events; she encouraged Sophie (who moved here 8 months ago from England) to join this time and both worked on Lulu necklace kits. Having finished other parts they’re on to the thick braid that gives the piece length, and have made innovative use of the window fixtures to hold up a knitting needle to which they have attached their braids. Wonder if they have a background in engineering?

Collaborations like Sophie and Chiara’s are exemplary of the BK philosophy – that knitting engenders kindness and happiness.

Every knitter has her story, and each one is worth telling. Maybe another time we’ll meet Yasmin, whose complex creations are modeled by the whole family, or Emiko who brings her knitting on the train and almost lost a ball of yarn between two tracks the other day…

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