KnitLounge: A knitting group with a helping atmosphere

Knitting at Le Murate

We’re still buzzing with happiness about the success of last Thursday night’s Knit Lounge/ Maglia e Musica at Le Murate in Florence. The sold-out event held April 28th 2011 saw about 30 people get together to spend over three hours knitting, crocheting, and braiding yarn to the tunes spun by DJ Devin Tooma of The Florentine and with snacks provided by American Salad Co.

Many people chose the Lulu knit necklace kit from BettaKnit, provided as a special preview for this event and now available to purchase online. While some diligently followed instructions, others decided to combine techniques and materials in their own way. Each crafter started in her own way – some with the crochet strand, some with the braids, and others with the knit section of the necklace. Each kit contained vintage accessories that further customized the experience. We saw some beginner knitters very succesfully complete the knit part of the necklace at the event, proving that knitting is fun and easy!

Lulu necklace kit

Some more advanced knitters ordered the Provence cotton pillow kit from BettaKnit – the rust colour sold out! Of course, being a larger project, we were only able to see the first few rows take form on their needles.

To add variety, we had a few participants bring their own projects so we got to see some very fine needlework on a range of projects from a baby sweater by our facebook fan Yasemin to a soft brown wool sweater being knit by Enza from the Cuculia knitting group on number three needles with a precision seldom seen.


One of the reasons we think this evening turned out so well is that the crowd was very mixed, consisting of: rank beginners, seasoned experts, people starting knitting again after 20 years, Tuscans, new Florentines, temporary visitors from abroad, men and women. Everyone very naturally picked up their needles and yarn and started knitting, some with the help of our instructor Barbara, others asking the people next to them for advice. The presence of expert knitters – especially of the Florentine group that meets at Cuculia every Tuesday night – was essential for this to work. Seeing their beautiful projects surely provided further inspiration for those just starting out.

If you couldn’t make it this time around, we hope you’ll enjoy our photos below and keep an eye on the facebook fan page – or sign up for our newsletter – for future dates. Given the many people who expressed interest in doing this again, we hope to organize another evening soon.

And if you participated in the evening and enjoyed it, how about sharing a photo of your creation on our fan page? thanks!

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