UPrato supports KasCare’s Knit a Square Program

While organizing our UPrato community creative project we came across KasCare, Aid for AIDS Orphans, a non-profit organization, and their knit a square program to help provide warmth to AIDS orphans.

Through the donation of 20x20cm knit or crocheted squares, KasCare provides warmth and comfort to the estimated 1.7 million South African children orphaned by AIDS. They receive donations of knitted squares from individuals and groups all over the world, which they then sew together to create blankets and other articles for children in Lindiwe and Wandile, South Africa. The folks at KasCare have been working on this project since 2008 and, thanks to the enthusiasm of regular knitters in over 40 countries, they hope to reach their goal of having donated half a million squares by July 2012. Here’s how we can all help them.

After learning about this incredible organization, our original plan was to disassemble the UPrato banner after its display, collect and wash all the squares to then send to KasCare. We had anticipated having 200 squares to send. However, throughout the planning stages of UPrato and the development of the UPrato banner, plans changed.

Our co-organizer for the UPrato project, the Museo del Tessuto (Textile Museum of Prato) was very much appreciative and enthusiastic of the artistic value of the work by Beatrice Gallori and has arranged for its display in the courtyard of their building (ex-Campolmi) for an additional 2 months after its reveal at Palazzo Pretorio on June 17th. After all, what we are creating really is a work of art and a symbol of our community so we cannot destroy it. However, we feel that Knit a Square is a wonderful program and wish to do more, so here is our plan…

We want to share their message and goals with all of our readers and encourage everyone to donate squares to the cause. We will be donating all additional squares collected for the UPrato banner (the way things are going, we’re going to have extras!).

We encourage you to knit MORE squares with your own yarn, and we will take responsibility for their postage and shipping. Just drop them off  at any of our UPrato distribution points before June 13. We thank you and the community in advance and hope to help KasCare bring comfort to the children of South Africa.

If you miss the deadline, fear not! You can still help KasCare directly by mailing knit or crochet squares to them. It doesn’t cost much and it’s a wonderful gift for these children.

Mail to: Knit-a-Square
Soweto Comfort Club
Private Bag X900
Byranston 2021 South Africa

Please carefully follow the postage instructions provided by KasCare.

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