Helping each other knit

Barbara Fani helps Caitlin cast on her Pop Scarf

Last night we held another knit café in Florence, at Palazzo Giovane. Every time we do these events, we get more enthusiastic about the BettaKnit project because people rave about the great logo and look of BettaKnit, the quality yarns, and the fun they have at our events. I’m not just saying this to brag… once again, the event sold out after 30 seats were filled, and most people asked if we could do it again soon. One person said she had tried a different local knitting event and was not nearly as pleased with the quality of the supplies nor the atmosphere. Frankly we’re really happy that she has come back to join us to keep working on her huge project!

What strikes me every time is how generous knitters are about sharing their passion for this craft. Everywhere I pointed my lens last night, I saw people helping each other cast on, make stitches, and correct errors. As it is easiest to help a person by looking over their shoulder, it looks like we were all hugging each other constantly!

With thanks to all the ladies who showed up… and a reminder that men are welcome to… we hope to repeat a similar event very soon! We’d also like to thank Palazzo Giovane and the Europe Direct office for hosting us – the bar service was great and the location fun and warm. We’ll be back!

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