Handmade toys to give a smile!

Experimenting with some new projects, we came across the fantastic rattles and handmade toys that stood out for their simplicity and essentiality, and for being “ethical” ….

Beautiful, fresh and colorful, these little toys are hand crafted by a community of women, Hathay Bunano, non-profit organization, founded in 2004 on the initiative of an Englishwoman, Samantha Morshed, moved to Bangladesh.

Their mission is to create flexible, local employment, that is of good quality and sufficiently paid for rural, poor and disadvantaged women.

Bangladesh is in fact an incredibly poor country, with strong and resilient people, despite the many adversities that they are facing. But it is also a vital place, full of energy and colours!

It is precisely for this vitality, this force that emerges from the difficulties that Samantha felt the moral need to help women out of poverty. The objective of Hathay Bunano is to provide a job that is suitable to the rhythm of rural life and to avoid economic migration to the cities. Its purpose is to keep families together and, in particular, to keep the mothers with their children, finding them a job close to home.

With a few lessons in crochet and knitting, Samantha was able to teach them how to create small toys for sale, which could bring a smile on their faces and those of many other people in the world.

BettaKnit loves all that so much, and you?