Florence exhibit: Living Space by Anna Rose

We here at BettaKnit are always on the lookout for those as passionate about yarn as we are. Recently, we heard of a local art exhibit here in Florence showing just that. Naturally, we couldn’t resist the urge to check it out. American artist Anna Rose was kind enough to meet with us and give us insight into her installation of mixed media work entitled Living Space. Immediately after entering the gallery, it became apparent that this was not just your average exhibit.


Haunting pieces, such as one that resembled a piece of meat on a hook (Rocky, anyone?), drew us in and made us want to look and touch, while at the same time we wondered if we should.

Yarn, fabric and furniture fell from the ceiling and sat on the floor, photographs of people engulfed in yarn adorned the walls.

The yarn — all braided because surprisingly, Anna told us that she could no longer remember how to knit — created such unique pieces and the detailing was truly amazing.

So why yarn?

The use of yarn is due to Anna’s love of its playfulness; she becomes inspired from its color and texture. She also draws inspiration from her childhood. Knitting with her mother as a child, she told us that she sees the relationships she holds with the memories of her childhood home manifested in her adult life, as well as in her work today.  Yarn is able to evoke emotion and feelings of wanting to interact.


So what’s the next step?

Anna told us that she could foresee herself learning how to knit again. She told us that knitting would open up a whole new world of opportunity for inspiration and for creation.

We are proud to announce that since attending her exhibit, Anne attended our recent Knit Café, where she sat with other groups of knitters of all experience levels, and began knitting again. She knit our sweetlace scarf in red, and we loved her boldness in the choice of colour.

Anna at Knit cafè

Exhibit Information

Living Space, an exhibit by Anna Rose

SACI Gallery – Studio Art Centers International
Palazzo dei Cartelloni – Via Sant’Antonino 11- Firenze
The SACI Gallery is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday & Sunday 1-7pm.

February 14 – March 30, 2012

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