Five great knitting blogs

There are a lot of knitting blogs out there, and we read them. The ones that we like best either have really cool knitting style, or they’re amusing to read, or both. Here are five of them, in no particular order.


Shannon is an author, columnist, blogger and teacher. Knitgrrl is overflowing with new events, books and classes and it ill definitely keep you up to date on all of the latest.  Look out for the giveaways as well!

Mason Dixon Knitting

Two friends, one in Nashville, Tennessee and one in New York, blog (and write books) together about friends, family and knitting. The blog is hysterical and will be sure to make you laugh. They will keep you up to date on their latest knitting projects in addition to their latest adventures! Check out Mason Dixon Knitting.


Carrie has been blogging since 2003 and constantly has a new, interesting projects. She makes beautiful pieces and has great pictures to go along with her blogs! She is a new mom and the adorable pictures of her son could melt any heart. If we had to guess, we think that you should stay tuned to see the precious clothing she will (probably) start making for little Charlie!

Wendy Knits

Wendy is a non-stop knitter… If you don’t believe us, take a look at all of the completed projects in her gallery! You can also always be up to date on her “current work in progress.” Looking, reading and learning from all her beautiful projects will help you remember how knitting is an art!

Knit Spot

Anne Hanson has a ton of experience in the field of knitting but she does not limit the blog to her extensive knowledge! We’ve found ourselves salivating over her cake recipes as much as over her incredible knitting talent. Knit Spot is very interactive with its users and her missive is to “provide user friendly instructions for beautiful handknit designs.”  She has a fun, captivating writing style and pictures of her beautiful garden on top of it all!


Got any other great knitting blogs to recommend to us? how about a comment here!