Feel the yarn! A social network for lovers of yarn

Being lovers of yarn, we had to sign up right away when we heard that there is a new social network just for that: yarn! “Feel the yarn” is a social network to put together students and professionals in the yarn and knitwear industries. It is a project by the CFP Consorzio Promozione Filati (yarn promotion board) and the Camera di Commercio of Prato. We interviewed Elena Cafaggi of the yarn board to learn more about this website.

What is the goal of Feel the yarn?

Feel the yarn intends to promote creativity, know-how and flexibility in the knitwear fashion. Creativity is the capability to interpret needs and materials to design and make new dressing solutions for contemporary people all around the world. Creativity must rely upon Know-how. There is no chance to produce something that fits with demanding consumers without experience, training and updated knowledge …. But in the end, Flexibility nowadays is a must to stay in touch with fast and changing markets.

Why start this network NOW?

Actually, FTY was born in 2010 when we launched a masters’ program and also a contest for students studying knitwear at fashion schools.

We developed a website in 2011, whils this year (2012) we launched the blog and social network because we consider the ‘web 2.0’ to be the best way to reach our goals.

What is the most interesting interaction you’ve seen so far on the network?

As mentioned above, we really are just getting started, so for now we’re just watching the first users sign up. We are experiencing a lot of interest from professionals: most of all people who wants to share their know-how and creativity with potential users through the FTY network.

If you’re passionate about yarn, a student of fashion, a knitter or a producer, we suggest signing up to this network where the conversation takes place in English and there’s so much potential for creative exchange.

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