Extra Yarn

That yarns have a special power we already knew, colours, precious yarns make everything more colourful and positive.

That ‘s what tells the children’s book by Mac Barnett, winner of many awards!

Extra Yarn is a beautiful fairy tale, and like any self-respecting fairy tale has its own magical object: a box full of yarns, that Annabelle, the protagonist of the story, finds in the woods.

The city in which Annabelle lives is dark, gloomy and monochromatic, while the yarn is colourful, vibrant, cheerful. Annabelle immediately knits a dress for herself and since there are some extra yarns in the box , knits one dress for her dog as well.

At school everyone looks Annabelle with her colourful, woolly dress. The teacher scolds her because the bright colours distract other pupils. Then the little girl propose to knit herself a sweater for all his classmates.

The yarn never lacks, hers is a magic box, has the power to produce yarn in quantity!

Annabelle knits and knits, knitting clothes even for the things you usually do not dress like homes of birds and the mailboxes. She transforms her community and the surrounding landscape with knitting, making it more cheerful and colourful.

An archduke, who loves clothes, hears the news of this yarn box and wants to buy it, but the girl did not sell it… We will not reveal the rest, we leave you the surprise ending!

The message of the book, however, it is clear already in this first part. It talks about the value of creativity, happiness can not be bought, and how knitting may be gratifying!