Bettaknit Manifesto for #fashrev

Also this year Bettaknit supports Fashion Revolution.

Bettaknit Manifesto


who we are

We ARE Bettaknit. We sell yarns, knitting kits, handmade clothes. We think that “handmade” and “be kind”, with a bit of fun, make life easier.


we believe

We BELIEVE in quality, in sustainable fashion, in respect for nature. We love unique fashion, not mass produced.


we undertake


We UNDERTAKE every day searching the best yarns: Peruvian wool, Pima cotton, organic yarns, recycled and upcycled cotton.



we involve


In the production of our knits, we INVOLVE awesome Italian and Peruvian artisan women.


we promote

We PROMOTE creative partnership and we support projects for the weakest.

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