Be Kind for Emergency

Be Kind, a motto that reflects the initial of BettaKnit but who refers to the kindness, the attention to themselves and to others, hence our attention to various charity projects. When an official of Emergency contacted us, how could we refuse our help?

Learn About Emergency and what it does!

Emergency is an Italian independent and neutral organization that was created to provide free medical care to the victims of war, landmines and poverty. This would include all migrants who land in Italy, foreigners, the poor who often do not have access to the care they need due to lack of knowledge of their rights, language difficulties, inability to move within a complex health care system.

The activity of Emergency is possible only with the help of volunteers and supporters.

We can all support this activity with small contributions. On the occasion of Christmas, for many years Emergency has setted up real Christmas Stores in many cities of Italy, where they are selling items from the countries in which Emergency  operates and products offered by businesses, companies and stores that wish to contribute to the humanitarian activities of the association.

BettaKnit helped by sending some yarns that some volunteers have knitted.

We hope that our contribution will help Emergency to promote a culture of peace, solidarity and respect for human rights!