Mini interview to Gaia Segattini

After the success of The Bubbles, the new capsule collection designed by Gaia Segattini for BettaKnit, the desire to learn more about Gaia was getting stronger, and then here it is our mini interview!

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What is your greatest source of inspiration for your work?

I like Japanese designers for girls and children, their sense for the minimal and effective color. Usually I start with ideas that do not arise from crochet and I translate them on my way. I also have a passion for intricate vintage points, but it is difficult that I make something, except than a swatch. I usually prefer to give more importance to the style design that the texture.

You are also a teacher, what is the thing you like best to transmit to your students?

I love teaching! I like to say to students things they do not expect, bring down some certainty and push them to be curious, but seriously, and not only on what interests them. when I was a girl, but also later, I was always a little out of any group, different, but never an extremist, I feel a lot of empathy for the guys who come to a path on design: they have often felt strange at college and at home have had to fight many prejudices.

How would you define your style?

I’m the stereotyped person who creates things that actually anyone could make, but that no one has thought of before. I would say that the ideas are my strong point. I can not do anything that is already in the air.

Your two books “Rinnova il tuo Guardaroba” and “Manuale dell’uncinetto” are cult books among Handmade 2.0 fans. What was the key to their success?

Mah, they have been written in a time when the Italian manual books were quite traditional or really old. All you spoke a contemporary language was translated from abroad.

Fortunately, things are changing and publishers are taking courage: my two books were among the first to equate projects, photography, easy explanations, layout and contemporary graphics.

It seems frivolous but for example I am one that for a wrong font can change your mind about a purchase and do not think I’m the only one!

What is your favourite Bettaknit yarn?

I really like Prato Cotton, which I often use: I’ve never much loved cotton but this yarn made me change my mind. Besides Cool Wool, then I love Loopissimo, that reminds me of the puppets that I had as a child, and I have a huge passion for the recycled yarn “Love My Jeans”, because it respects my passion for sustainability and with which I am working on a special project!


A tip for new aspiring “Punk/Rock crocheter”?

Do not copy anything than you think “is fashion”. Learn techniques well and then start from what you like. If you are an all black leather and tattoos, why do amigurumi shaped cupcake just because you are surrounded by them and you feel of having to adapt? But do rather punk teddy bears with the ridge?! They will be a hit!

Your own soundtrack in your moments of “creation”?

When I crochet, I don’t listen to music. It distracts me so much because every time there’s a song that I like, I’d stand up to dance. Usually i watch Junk Tv (Love it) that makes me the background and does not distract me. I listen to music on a Sundays or in the car, I do embarrassing loudly cantatas.

Do you want to sing and dance also you with Gaia Segattini’s favorite music?

We are already doing, and our office is going crazy! Click here and let yourself go to a “wild dancing”!

But first, wear The Bubbles Pull, the absolute best seller of this season, and selected by Vanity Fair for the shopping gallery!


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