Instagram Maker: interview with @Herinternest

In the past weeks, we had some takeovers on our Instagram profile, hosted by some of our favourite Instagram makers.

Let’ts meet the first Instagram Maker: @Herinternest!

Known as Herinternest, Barbora Kurkova is Norwegian, photographer and writer. She talkes about creativity, simplicity and living with nature.

Beginner Knitter, she fall in love with our yarn Love my Jeans (Do you remember? Read more here!)  as soon as she came across!

Could you present yourself by telling us the last travel you did?

Instagram Maker: Bettaknit's interview with @Hereinternest

The last time we travelled further then to neighboring Sweden was in April this year, and we went all the way to South Africa. It was a trip we were saving for a very long time and finally managed to go! It was a really interesting experience to see a country so similar yet so different. We were mostly in nature, national parks and mountains but we also managed to visit Cape Town. We saw a lot of amazing animals in the wild, especially rhino which was our dream and also the Moon upside down (things you don’t realize living in Europe!).

Bettaknit’s motto is Be Kind, just like its initials. Do you share this philosophy, too?

Instagram Maker: Bettaknit's interview with @Hereinternest

Definitely! I believe that compassion and kindness are two qualities which can change the world. With this philosophy in mind you can really see every human equal and maybe think a bit longer before giving out judgement or harsh words.

It is not only about being kinder to others, but also kinder to ourselves and our planet too. I try to live by that and I think if we would all, the world would be just a little bit a better place! When I go to the cafe and barista is not very nice to me, I first try to put myself into their shoes, maybe they are tired, worked whole day in a heat, maybe there is something with their family going on etc. Being nice back often make people smile just a little bit.

You are a photographer. What’s your favourite subject to shoot?

Instagram Maker: Bettaknit's interview with @Hereinternest

Oh there are many things, I just like to take photos of everything. But my all time favorite are clouds, shadows and movement like a twirly skirt or leaves blowing in the wind.

I am not so good in neither as they are really hard to capture just right. Human eye is very tricky so often what we see and what camera captures are two different things. Perhaps that is what I like about it, you cannot really control those elements so much and just have to hope that with little magic you get amazing photograph.

I also really love to share work in progress of different crafts, the imperfections of the process are something which is always so beautiful on photos!

When and How did you learn to knit?

Instagram Maker: Bettaknit's interview with @Hereinternest

I don’t know if I would say I did learn, I am still learning, forever student! I remember knitting a bit when I was younger with my mom, possibly around 12 years old, but back then I could only knit straight so it was a lot of scarfs and my mom would have to cast on and finish off for me.

Now I found my love for knitting again mostly because if you knit yourself the result is unique as well as sustainable but also because I have very long arms and most of the knits are always too short for me.

My boyfriend’s mom is teaching me, she is so good in it and also kind and patient! Funny is that she is Swedish and speaking very little English and I understand very little Swedish yet still we manage! I started with socks this winter which was so much fun! Challenging, but fun!

What are you looking for while choosing the yarns to knit?

Instagram Maker: Bettaknit's interview with @Hereinternest

I really like to knit from natural materials as they just feel nicer to touch and are better for planet. And then the texture! Sometimes it is even more important compared to color, the yarn just have to be really nice to hold and feel, more fluffy for winter and rough for summer!

As I got really into sustainability lately and it is a topic really important to me, I also look at the sourcing. Local, recycled or natural dyed yarn is just the best! That way I discover our local tiny yarnshop with hand-dyed yarn and also BettaKnit!

Whats’your WIP right now?

Oh well 🙂 I have one jumper which I started to knit in the winter and was hoping to finish but didn’t so that one is on hold until the autum, it is a beautiful forest green wool.

And the project I work on now is a summer cardigan I knit from Love my Jeans Recycled Denim Cotton yarn and hope to be finished very soon! I have never knitted a cardigan before so there was a lot of trial and error and lot of frocking and startin over, but it seems that I am on a right path now! Let’s hope I manage to finish before summer is over!

Would you like to tell Bettaknit’s followers something special?

I think that knitting can change the world too! There is amazing community around it, people sharing their projects, learnings, fails, it connects people on a very special crafty level! I have learnt so much and got so much help from strangers on internet so don’t be shy and join in too!

Thank you Barbora for these beautiful pics and the kind words!

Soon another Instagram Maker will be hosted on our blog! Stay tuned… 😉

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