Hats off…who donates

You may have heard of Tanto di Cappello (literally Hats off).

Marta Scarabottolo and her blog Salotto dello Psicologo have been letting their voices be heard on social media for the past few days. The Huffington Post talked about it. Important italian bloggers as Vendetta Uncinetta or Zelda Was a Writer have written about it. We’ll do the same. This initiative is simple and it’s born from the experience of Marta in the homeless shelters in Montelupo Fiorentino, near Florence (Italy).


So, what is Tanto di Cappello about?

The goal of the initiatives is to donate a hat (scarves and gloves are equally welcome) to the migrants ahead of winter. This initiative wants to be a concrete help to those who need it and, at the same time, a way to hopefully warm up their hearts.
As Marta explains: there aren’t right or wrong hats, any hats you want to donate are greatly welcome.

How is Bettaknit contributing?

At Bettaknit’s, if we believe in something we go all the way. We are ready with needles and yarns. Warm hats are in the make and they will be ready to be dispatched to Montelupo soon.

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To ensure we really have a big impact and help these people, we need everyone’s help. That’s why we’re asking you to spread the word to your friends, knitters and not. Are you wondering how you can help? It is easy, keep reading.

How can I help? It’s easy.

1) Ransack your wardrobe to find hats, gloves and scarves that you don’t use anymore or forgot you had.
2) Put it in a bag or box and go to the post office.
3) Ship it to: Servizi TOSCANI consorziata MC MULTICONS, Via del Lavoro 45, Montelupo F.no.
4) Smile, because you have just donated a smile.

Tanto di cappello step partecipazione

As icing on the cake, you can also add a personal thought to your gift: just write it on a card or piece of paper and put it together with the gift.

Are you wondering how you can tell this story on social media? Share your experience with the hashtag #tantodicappello:

As Marta says:

Thanks ahead to all participants and…hats off!

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