Fashion Revolution: Bettaknit is ready!

The Fashion Revolution takes place every year on April 24th. It is the day all people of the world are invited to ask transparency to fashion brands, with a simple question: “Who made my clothes?”

The Fashion Revolution Day was born following a tragedy in Bangladesh. On April 24th, 2013 in Dhaka, the Rana Plaza commercial complex collapsed. There were 1,134 deaths and more than 2,500 injured. In that building, clothes of main Western fashion brands were produced.

As you know, we hoist the flag of transparency. Respect for people, animals and nature is a constant and daily commitment. For us every day is a Fashion Revolution!

To do a true Fashion Revolution, we are committed with a manifesto, where you will find the cornerstones of our mission.

How to join the Fashion Revolution?

This year awareness-raising events will take place for a whole week, April18th to 24th. It’s a real “Fashion Revolution Week”.

  • Take a Selfie showing your label
  • Ask the Brand “Who Made my Clothes?”


Are you a maker?

If you want to scream out to the world your pride of “craftivist”, participate and take part in this global revolution it is very simple!IMadeMyClothes

  • Download the sign “I made my clothes” (PDF);
  • Share on the socials your own selfie wearing a BettaKnit product and the sign “I made my clothes”;
  • Don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtag #fashrev!

Do you want to ask us questions about our products? We are always happy to answer any doubts!

Contact us through our social netoworks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), the the website chat online or by writing to

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