Amarelli for Bettaknit: a union between style and tradition!

A new colab is born at Bettaknit!

The tradition of knitting is joined to a historic Italian brand of confectionery industry, Amarelli, combining taste, style and tradition.

BettaKnit and the prestigious Italian company of licorice, famous worldwide, launch three products in special edition to promote the realxing powers of this ancient root.

Among the many beneficial properties of liquorice, it is the the strong anti-stress power that stroke Bettaknit attention: indeed, if knitting can be defined the new Yoga, so the Licorice is able to counteract insomnia and regulate hypertension.

Let’s see “Amarelli for BettaKnit” kits

Kit Relax

Treat yourselves a relaxing break and sip a licorice infusion during your knitting sessions!

Bettaknit join, in a nice Kit Relax, a cup for true “knitting addicted” to a pack of 100 grams of pure licorice root, to prepare gourmet teas.

The “recipe” for the preparation of the liqorice infusion is included in the kit!


It’s always the right time for tea and “knitting”, what do you think?!

Black Label for Snood for Good

What better occasion of Black Friday to launch Amarelli Black Label?

A beginner level knit kit, Bettaknit snood Snood for Good, is revised in a special edition.

Together with Peruvian wool, obviously black, beechwood knitting needles and the pattern, in this special edition you will find a refined black tin box, containing 20 grams of pure licorice!


Pink is Good for Betta Beanie

Maybe you already know that pink is a beloved color for Bettaknit. But what stroke our attention in this liquorice box is the good cause. “Be Kind” is not just a slogan for Bettaknit, but a way of life!

Pink is Good” is a project promoted by Fondazione Umberto Veronesi which is fighting to permanently combat female breast cancer.

It is a project for women and to support women, and we at BettaKnit, through Amarelli, pledge to donate part of the proceeds from sales of this kit to the foundation.

What are the kit contents?


It is an easy level Knit Kit, for the realization of Beattknit best seller, the hat Betta Beanie.

The “Pink is Good” special edition include all the materials you need to knit your beanie:

Buy it now as Christmas gift and help us to give a future of health to women!

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