Knit iPhone case – free knitting pattern

What combines tradition with technology? What better way to show off your geek side with a hand-knit cover for your iPhone (or similarly sized Android or Blackberry smartphone, for that matter).

BettaKnit’s latest accessory addition is BK Phone. It’s available as made to order knitwear for 10 euros on our site. But we’re also making the knitting pattern available free right here!

We’ve designed this case to be big enough to hold your ID and some cash as a kind of mini-pochette for a night out.


Download the free knitting pattern for the iPhone case

If you’re already a knitter (even a rank beginner), and you want to cuddle your smartphone with something made with your own hands, you can download the free knitting pattern here. As you can see, BettaKnit’s patterns are special because they are illustrated with photos and diagrams to make them perfectly easy to follow for a beginner. Seriously, even if you have never knit before, you could follow these instructions and use our video tutorials and make this smartphone case in a few hours.

If you want to order it made for you, we’ll whip up your knit smartphone cover in ‘Big Wool’ black, fuschia, or white, or in the colour you see here, natural Abruzzo wool.

PS: If you like this product, you might also be interested in our super padded knit iPad case, available as a do-it-yourself knitting kit!

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