Guest Post – Recycling bags for balls

Hi there! I’m Donatella from Fusilla Creativa and today I’m going to suggest you 3 recycling ideas of paper bags that our beloved Betta uses to send its colorful balls around the world.

It all started when I bought, for the first time, one of Bettaknit yarns and I found in my hands a paper bag full of balls of yarn. At this point I wondered “What am I doing with the pack”?. And finally the first idea of reuse came: some cute dot bags decorated with tempera
But, I couldn’t stop at just one idea. So, here they are my 3 new reuse solutions. Needle and thread: that’s all you need.

Let’s start!

Recycling n.1: Cache Pot Bag

I love the idea of using a simple brown paper bag as a cache pot, with a Fusilla Creativa touch of style. So, I chose to decorate it with three colours I often wear, inspired by those of one of recycled yarn from Bettaknit: Love my jeans. Do you want to try it? Here is how I dit it.

First of all,  you have to know that the bag used by Bettaknit consists of two parts: you can easily detach the external one in white paper from the brown inner part. If you decide to cross stitch, you should remove the white part. So it will be easier to make the holes in which to pass the needle.
riciclo-sacchetto-bettaknit-fusillacreativa-fiore-puntocroceOn a graph paper, copy  the drawing you want to to embroider. Lay the paper on the bag e with an awl make holes where the needle must pass. So, proceed with embroidery.
Warning: At the beginning you may have some difficulty and it will seem to be very slow. No worries: it’s normal. I have done several tests before find the right rhytm.
Extra Idea: the cache pot bag can become a cute packaging for a green gift. You can use a coloured tissue paper to complete your gift bag. 

Recycling n. 2: Bread Box Bag

Spring is here and you can finally organize lunches and dinners in the garden, but you must be careful and protect food from insects. That’s why I thought of a bag in which to store comfortably and safe the bread. 
The idea is easy: you have to line the bag with a fabric, for example with a rag and use its ends to cover the bread.

sacchetto-bettaknit-riciclo-puntocroce-fusillacreativaFor the writing “bread” you can use the same technique of the flower, being careful not to move the pattern. If you are not sure to succeed, stop the drawing with a paper tape.
Extra Idea: if you want to use the bag as a normal bread box (like I did in the photo) make a base, high enough, inside the bag (for example with a newspaper) so you can rest a bowl that will be needed to hold the bread.
Use the pack also for other foods, such as snack or muffins for a party.

Recycling n. 3: Lunch Box Bag

And here the last idea, the most classic: the lunch box. I chose to stitch strawberries, but you can embroider the subjects that you like the most.  At this point you have learned the technique.
Warning: as the bag is resistant, remember that is better to protect food with bowls or hermetic containers.
Extra Idea: you can use these lunch box bags for picnic at the park! So each participant will have his bag which can reuse.

Still looking for ideas? Check here How Rita Bellati from Faccio e Disfo used the bag 
And how do you re-used? Can’t wait to see your photos on socials! Share them with the hashtags #bettaknit #ilovebettaknit.

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