Father’s Day: Pima Cotton knitted Tie

A tie as a gift for Father’s Day ?! Trivial!

But not if you knitted, with Pima Cotton, in Moss Stitch! But above all, it won’t be trivial because you made it with your hands!


Before starting…

We recommend that you carefully read the pattern, prepare your work tools (yarn, needles …) and learn about the yarn if you’ve never used before.
So, once procured the yarn we suggest, touch it, wring it, caress it! Only in this way, you can understand how precious it is! … If you feel like, read our blog post about this wonderful cotton.

But what do you need to make this tie?

And especially great desire to work with such small needles (we favor those a little thicker!), and the love we have, as daughters, for our father!

pima-cotton-bettaknitLet’s start! Here is the process:

  • With 4 mm knititng needles and Pima Cotton Ocean, cast on 15 stitches.
  • Knit in Moss Stitch for 40 rows.
  • Introduce color Azure and proceed knitting in Moss Stitch for 2 rows.
  • Alternate 2 rows of Azure and 2 rows of Ocean colors, for a total of 10 times.
  • Proceed with color Azure for about 45 cm from casting on.
  • Now, start decreasing: purl the 3 central stitches togheter. 13 stitches are remaining.
  • Repeat the same decreasing after 15 rows (11 stitches are remaining) and then after further 17 rows.  9 stitches are remaining.
  • Continue knitting in Moss Stitch until the tie measure about 135 cm from casting on.
  • Cast off and weave in the ends.

The tie for your dad is now ready to be donated and worn up!



Have you finished? Show us the tie you knitted, proudly and without shame, via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and use the hashtag #bettaknit and #ilovebettaknit!



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