BettaKnit tells you about the workshop at Fuori Expo

Last Sunday, June 14th, two Bettaknit workshops on refashion and reuse were held at Fuori Expo. So much excitement to be among the Prato excellences present at Chiostri dell’Umanitaria, the space dedicated to Tuscany.

Sara Bellinato (founder of the brand Italian-English Nodo-Knotted Things)? Here. Gaia Segattini (aka Vendetta Uncinetta)? Here. Kit with yarn and needles? Ready. I put on my tutu. Really nothing is missing. At the entrance, I welcome the blogger friends: Justine by Le FunkyMamas, Zelda Was a Writer, We Make a Pair, Cappello a Bombetta, Petit Pois Rose.

Off you go! I make a brief introductory speech (do not want to take time to the workshops). I feel someone very important while Justine and Camilla (Was Zelda and Writer) are photographing me!

Bettaknit at Fuori Expo Milano

Nodo opens the dance with its Workshop teaching about how to do its beautiful necklaces. Scenes of panic at the sight of Fettuccine Yarn and knitting needles by Serena (Cappello a Bombetta). By the way, have you read her hilarious blog post?

Bettaknit Nodo Workshop at Fuori Expo

Paola (We Make a Pair) is knitting quickly. The concentration and attention of participants is maximum. Nice to see knitting with such passion! … And in fact the result is excellent!


After Nodo, its is Gaia Segattini time. Re-fashion of old tshirts. Hard-working hands, armed of Pima Cotton and crochet, started to work, followed by the watchful eye of our Vendetta Uncinetta. And then, it were raining little fruits of all kinds, and the results were really good!

Bettaknit Vendetta Uncinetta Workshop at Fuori Expo

It was a fun afternoon and full of satisfaction that has given rise to two important co-branding of which we will speak in the coming days!

Thanks to everyone who came to Fuori Expo in Milan and attended with passion, thanks to the blogger, thanks to Nodo, thanks to Vendetta Uncinetta. Also thanks to Expo2015Prato and to Chamber of Commerce of Prato for giving us the chance to be there!

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