“Rock Me” baby!

In this edition of Pitti music contaminates fashion, with the theme “Rock Me.” As in music, from a shimmering jukebox you choose the most beautiful song and you let yourself be carried away by emotions, the same thing happens in the fashion and yarns: you look for the best, most interesting, newest. Continue reading

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Jillian Carrozza, Central Saint Martins MA Graduate 2010

BettaKnit is always struck by knitting approaching more art than fashion. Among the images that she came across on Pinterest, these are her favourite. That’s why she decided delve into the matter…. Continue reading

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SPARKLY: make your Xmas shine!

Sparkly is a yarn of exceptional quality and beauty.

It’s a mix of Super Kid Mohair and Silk combined with sequins to give a unique style to your knitting.

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Christmas is coming and our Advent Calendar has many surprises, offers and promotions for you!

Keep your eyes on the gilded days and on coloured balls …. And discover what they hide!

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Extra Yarn

That yarns have a special power we already knew, colours, precious yarns make everything more colourful and positive.

That ‘s what tells the children’s book by Mac Barnett, winner of many awards!

Extra Yarn is a beautiful fairy tale, and like any self-respecting fairy tale has its own magical object: a box full of yarns, that Annabelle, the protagonist of the story, finds in the woods.

The city in which Annabelle lives is dark, gloomy and monochromatic, while the yarn is colourful, vibrant, cheerful. Annabelle immediately knits a dress for herself and since there are some extra yarns in the box , knits one dress for her dog as well.

At school everyone looks Annabelle with her colourful, woolly dress. The teacher scolds her because the bright colours distract other pupils. Then the little girl propose to knit herself a sweater for all his classmates.

The yarn never lacks, hers is a magic box, has the power to produce yarn in quantity!

Annabelle knits and knits, knitting clothes even for the things you usually do not dress like homes of birds and the mailboxes. She transforms her community and the surrounding landscape with knitting, making it more cheerful and colourful.

An archduke, who loves clothes, hears the news of this yarn box and wants to buy it, but the girl did not sell it… We will not reveal the rest, we leave you the surprise ending!

The message of the book, however, it is clear already in this first part. It talks about the value of creativity, happiness can not be bought, and how knitting may be gratifying!





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Be Kind for Emergency

Be Kind, a motto that reflects the initial of BettaKnit but who refers to the kindness, the attention to themselves and to others, hence our attention to various charity projects. When an official of Emergency contacted us, how could we refuse our help?

Learn About Emergency and what it does!

Emergency is an Italian independent and neutral organization that was created to provide free medical care to the victims of war, landmines and poverty. This would include all migrants who land in Italy, foreigners, the poor who often do not have access to the care they need due to lack of knowledge of their rights, language difficulties, inability to move within a complex health care system.

The activity of Emergency is possible only with the help of volunteers and supporters.

We can all support this activity with small contributions. On the occasion of Christmas, for many years Emergency has setted up real Christmas Stores in many cities of Italy, where they are selling items from the countries in which Emergency  operates and products offered by businesses, companies and stores that wish to contribute to the humanitarian activities of the association.

BettaKnit helped by sending some yarns that some volunteers have knitted.

We hope that our contribution will help Emergency to promote a culture of peace, solidarity and respect for human rights!




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Snoods have been gracing the runway for quite some time, and now they are starting to make their way to the general public with great success.

But what is a ” snood ” ? It’s a unique type of scarf, a multifunctional and essential accessory for the winter. It’s essential to provide warmth for the head, ears and neck, all at the same time!

Snoods are made to fit loosely around the shoulders and can be used as hood, offering further protection from the wind and cold.


It’s just the relaxed shape and fit which makes it versatile. Casual when worn over a sweater, but it looks great worn with a leather jacket … becomes extremely chic if you wear it with a simple little black dress!

BettaKnit proposes an oversize and very warm snood, made with Bulky yarn , a precious yarn in wool and alpaca with a felted look: that’s the real uniqueness of this season!

Try to knit it: in a short time your Very Snood will be ready!

The range of colors are those in trend of the season: we have proposed Very Snood in garnet red, but why not make it in olive green or blue?

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Stripe is on: the coolest sweater of this season!

Never before this winter, handmade knitwear invaded the catwalks, going out once and for all from the stereotype of the “alternative girls that meet themselves in clubs” or still worse “grandmothers” armed with needles and balls!

Sole prerogative: it has to be warm, comfortable or even better made in precious yarns!

BettaKnit renders the Winter 2013 trends with “Stripe is On

It’s the sweater of the season: low proportions, loose sleeves, cool stripes.


Made with our Organic yarn, in soft, lightweight wool-alpaca, will be sporty or elegant when worn with skinny jeans, leggings or classic-cut pants for a mannish look.

What about the colours?

Black and white is back again, with vehemence if matching bright colors such as red, or vivid blue, but why not try softer contrasts like moss green and light grey? Or rust and beige?

That’s our favorite sweater, and you? What do you think?


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ALASKA, high quality of merino wool!

100% extra fine merino wool

This is “Alaska“, the new BettaKnit yarn

Alaska is soft, fluffy and precious. It is a luxury yarn


The merino wool embodies the best characteristics of each type of wool:

  • Protect from the cold, even in case of very cold temperatures
  • Is breathable and does not oppress the skin
  • It is soft to the touch
  • Is a great therapeutic remedy for joint pain or inflammation

Try it now!

Give yourself a gift: realize your knitting project using high quality Made in Italy!

Alaska 100% is in balls of 100 grams (90 meters – 98 yards), and you can work it with the needles of 7, 8, 9 mm and more!


· protect from the cold, even in the case of very cold temperatures

· Is breathable and does not oppress the skin

· It is soft to the touch

· Is a great therapeutic remedy for joint pain or inflammation

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BettaKnit @ VFNO 2013 Florence

It’s the second year that the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out (organized by Vogue Italy) arrived in Florence!

Thursday, 12th, in two days, the streets and squares of the town will be alived with special events.

BettaKnit will be present!

Kindly hosted in the boutique of the knitwear brand BP Studio, in Via della Vigna Nuova, we’ll create small accessories with yarn, and if you want we’ll teach you how to do it.

Come and visit us?!

Free entrance and stress-free!

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